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Re: Known issue and confirmed by Pentax support

GIR20122 has a real issue with his KR. I have one too and have never tried to use it in pure Tungsten light due to the FF reports.

So, what to do? I use a laser pointer which I can hand hold while I hold the camera - the camera locks on very quickly onto the laser spot, which is a lot brighter than general tungsten lighting.

I haven't tried but I speculate that the excessive yellow in Tungsten light is the culprit, so what about using a blue filter and shooting in raw for PP colour temperature adjustment. Wouldn't that filter out the yellow wave band to a lower level?

And what about LV - wont that work?

Anyway, the KR is my back up camera now - I jumped ship to Nikon as Pentax's disrespect for the customers, as outlined above, was sufficient insult to any self-respecting user - the KR needed a retrofit focusing module or firmware but the cost was probably going to push them into a trading loss.

As far as the Nikon upgrade is concerned, I'm a happy camper - I could have got a K5 but since there were reported problems with it as well, I avoided the risk, bit the bullet, changed my system and, no more problems. I'm sorry about giving up on Pentax as there is so much to like in their cameras. Well that was my solution. If GIR2012 wants to keep his costs down, then I endorse the KX solution - I had one as well and there was nothing worng with at all - I changed up to the KR for the more than 20 improvements it offered but of course the undocumented major problem of the KR killed my love affair with Pentax.

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