Sony NP-FM500H on sale at Sears (USA)

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Re: Sony NP-FM500H on sale at Sears (USA)

From the Sears web page

"Replacement for Sony NP-FM500H Lithium Ion Rechargeable Battery (7.4 volt - 1700 mAh) Sony DSLR-A900 Digital Camera Battery Lithium Ion 7.4 volt - 1700 mAh) - Replacement for Sony NP-FM500H Rechargeable Ultra High Capacity 3 Years Warranty Lithium Ion 7.4 volt - 1700 mAh)"

OK, it's not a Sony -- it's a Synergy. But it's listed as having a 3 Year Warranty -- and it's $21.95

Maybe Sears isn't selling Sony because they have an alternate which they are willing to warranty?

And to the question about a charger that does simultaneous charging of multiple batteries, Sony made a charger with two bays -- but it charges them sequentially. However, they do charge faster than when using the standard supplied single bay charger. It is no longer available but can be found on ebay occasionally.

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