How to get rid of glare?

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Re: How to get rid of glare?

Sailor Blue wrote:

Barrie Davis wrote:

Then you will just have to be carefull NOT to reflect the bulbs. That will be especially difficult if camera and/or product are in motion, as is usual for video.

You would find it easier if the light was a single smallish source instead of a four-header...there will be fewer lightsouces to reflect, therefore fewer angles that create the hazard. A tungsten spotlight bulb, say 6" max. diam. or smaller will work, or anything else bright enough that is NOT too big.

Barry, what about using a high wattage CFL in one of the cheap metal bell reflector shop lights? The Westcott true daylight color 50W CFL is equivalent to 200 W tungsten.

Would certainly be worth considering, as long as the reflector isn't too big. It's just that there is such a wide choice of tungsten reflector type bulbs around... (pretty cheap, and no reflector housing required)

I don't know about you, but ....

I can't help feeling that a lot of the lumens go to waste, with compact fluorescents. The spiral form of the lamp is so tight that a high percentage of its surface is illuminating nothing but the coil opposite, as it were, invisible from the point of view of the subject... so any rays that actually reach the subject from those more  'tucked away' zones has taken a very circuitous route to get there.

These lights are not as bright but they are cooler by far. The shop light reflector is about 10" which would make it more difficult to avoid direct reflections but not that much harder.

Yes, that would be the concern... (that maybe 10" is a little too big for ease of avoiding reflections.)

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