5DII 24-105 photos blurred - is there a 'golden' range of SSs for using IS?

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Re: Reply to Mosswings 2 Re: 5DII 24-105 photos blurred - 'golden' range of SSs for using IS?


I've now done the tests you suggested and they definitely support your interpretation of the camera blur in the original photos.

I used a test chart and, although the results are not in any way absolute, I assume they are valid relatively.

1. With MLU, a substantial tripod and 2s delay (& 3 shots) @ f=105mm, f8 & 1/30, I could just resolve a particular set of (fine) lines.

2. Hand held with IS on, on average I could resolve the next courser set of lines

3. Hand held with IS off, the resolution dropped to the next set of lines

4. With IS on, but with deliberate ‘shutter stabbing’ the results were truly awful, all with  huge blur.

I suppose that is what one should expect! However, while I am not surprised at the relatively minor changes seen in 1-3, it was very interesting to see the extent of these small changes, which I imagine would become important only if making a large print.

What was a shock was how truly dreadful the results were with deliberate shutter stabbing – much, much worse that in the originals!

I am fairly confident now that the original problem was caused by inadvertent camera movement due to the rather awkward position I had to take to get those photos. I will follow your advice on shooting technique more carefully in future!

So, my thanks again for the time and trouble you took to help with this problem!


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