D400/D8000 incoming...

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rdhphoto1 wrote:

......what a Canon 7D MKII rumor can get started.

The rumors have been around for years. I have no idea what Canon and Nikon are thinking, but they don't seem to be taking the high-end DX market seriously anymore.

When I bought my 7D, it was a tough choice between that and the D300s that was just released at the time. I thought the D300s would be a bridge until the D400 came along... Well so much for Nikon. After two years with the 7D I thought Canon had proven the popularity of the segment and the 7DmkII was just around the corner... Well so much for Canon.

Now I'm actually contemplating a second hand 1DmkIV as an upgrade for my 7D, but that would be complete overkill. A €/$2,000 high-end APS-C camera makes so much sense for amateur wildlife photographers. I would choose that over a D600/6D in a heartbeat.

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