Noise Control for BIF - Shoot to the right at higher ISO or set correct exposure im camera ?

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Re: Noise Control for BIF - Shoot to the right at higher ISO or set correct exposure im camera ?

WilbaW wrote:

Glenn_Sydney wrote:

- Set exposure to correct level in camera

Depends what you mean by "correct". If you mean with the meter on zero, then that gives you the desired image brightness or optimal data only by chance.

By "correct", I meant not necessarily when the meter reads zero but the right brightness considering the tonality of the subject eg dark bird or bright bird

- Expose to the right, even if it means a higher ISO (i.e shutter speed is at minimum and aperture cannot be opened more) and then reduce the exposure during post processing.

That's going to give you the best data to work with, but IMO you don't do ETTR with the intention of pulling the processing, you do it to avoid pushing. IOW, you get the best result doing the bulk of the gain in the camera to get the white point about where it needs to be, with some latitude for safety.

So if the "correct" exposure for the given subject is say zero and the meter reading is showing zero, then best result would be obtained by increasing the ISO so that the meter shows close to the right hand side of the histogram (before clipping) and then pulling exposure in post ?  Would this be better than the result obtained by leaving the meter reading where it coincides with the "correct" exposure ?  Just confirming that I properly understand your view on this.

Any opinions as to which strategy may be best to minimise noise and maximise detail based on experience and/or techical reasoning?

Expose for the light in M - widest aperture and longest shutter duration you can tolerate, then set the ISO so that meter shows up around +1.3 to 2 on the sky in the direction you're shooting.

This would be to set the exposure in camera as close as possible to what it should be.  I generally meter off grass or my palm (with appropriate adjustment) and shoot in manual.

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