I'm a believer, 6400 ISO C3/Zeiss 24mm

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Re: I'm a believer, 6400 ISO C3/Zeiss 24mm

wwwOKCOMEONcom wrote:

DtEW wrote:

1/200s? 1/500s??


You can probably shoot all of these at ISO1600, maybe even ISO800.

probably due to aperture priority

if I were him, I would take a photo first,then adj the exposure setting
using lower iso
Of course,if I could (could I ?) read the exif data on LCD before pressing shutter button
I would adj the exposure setting immediately

That doesn't make sense. You have to manually set the ISO at 6400 for the camera to make use of it. So this is either user error or intentional. But as was said, with those shutter speeds you very easily could of dropped the ISO down and been more impressed with an ISO 1600 image of the same scene.

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