Oly OM-D E-M5: What's quirky about it?

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Re: Regarding the focus point size...

DLBlack wrote:

Weziah wrote:

daddyo wrote:

I don't see the focus target size as an issue. I have E-M5 set to switch to the 14X size focus target by simply pressing the 'Record' button -- bingo, a very small target area that can be position in any of 1,075 spots in the viewfinder -- and it remains the target size until I press the 'OK' button or turn the camera off.

I think that is a big plus, not a quirk.

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When you switch to "14x size focus target", do you still see the live highlights/shadows blinking?


No. With the small focus box you can not have the blinkies, histogram or level. So you have to switch between the small AF box view and the other views. I have the small AF view set to the multi-function button.

With the E-PL5 you can get the small AF box and the blinkies so there is hope for a firmware upgrade.


That's what I thought, too bad!

Hopefully the E-M5 will (soon) get that E-PL5 functionality with a firmware upgrade...

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