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My G2X wish list and other thoughts

In my opinion, the G1 X is good enough specs wise. Reducing the size a little may help but it is not likely to be the main selling point of G2 X. I feel that all Canon has to do is to address some major gripes of G1 X. These are:

  1. Macro Distance. The limited Macro capability of G1 X is definitely at the top of the complain list. This limits the bokeh capabilities of the large sensor. Having to switch between Macro mode for portrait is a major gripe for the G1X. For many, it renders the camera close to being useless in social functions.
  2. Small Aperture (f5.9) in the tele range. Again this nullifies the advantage of using a large sensor in G1X. I calculated that to achive f4.0 in 60.5mm, you would probably need to increase the aperture size by 50% (about 5mm). With smaller motor, this could be possible...
  3. AF Speed. The AF speed of G1 X is actually as almost as fast as the G12 and should not pose major issues in regular use. The problem is, with its limited Macro capability, the camera tends to hunt a lot when the subject is a little too near. However, no one would complain a bit of an improvement in the AF speed.
  4. Operation speed. Canon should do away with all those animations which slows down the speed of changing menu, etc. If the AF and operation speed could match that of G15, I believe many would no longer complain about speed.

For the other smaller shortcomings that is IMHO not really deal breakers since the opinion on them differs from person to person:

  1. Smaller body. I do not expect Canon to be able to reduce the size too much. Chances are, you would still not be able to stuff this camera into your shirt pocket. Still, some reduction in size is better than nothing. Hopefully, this would not come at the cost of some useful features.
  2. Remove the OVF... or not. Some feels that a less OVF is better than no OVF. If the OVF has to go because of a much brighter lens and better Macro capability. I guess it is worth the price.
  3. Built in lens cap. The removable lens cap is quite a hassle to many people. A well designed built in lens cap that do not add more to the size would be really welcome.

As to the value of G1X vs mirrorless, If Canon can just fix some of the major flaws of G1X, it would definitely be a new market segment. I see a major gap that the G1X can fill.  Here are my reasons:

  1. Most pancake zooms that come with mirrorless has a zoom range of about 28-80mm. G1X's better zoom range should have made it a much more versatile travel camera. I have brought it on a few trips and if not for the major listed above gripes, I would be really be an ideal camera.
  2. Many DSLR users like myself is not interested in investing in another lens system. Mirrorless cameras are great but if I were to only use one pancake lens, why even bother getting something with interchangeable lens?
  3. Mirrorless cameras targets PnS upgraders who wants better image quality. These upgraders may never replace their kit lens on their mirrorless.

Now, here is the million dollar question. Would you accept a slightly smaller sensor in the G2X? If so, how small can this sensor be? 1.2"/1"/m43/. Remember, Canon can simply change the size of the sensor in the G2X without impacting the G1X users at all... One other advantage of having a non-interchangeable lens.

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