I finally got a NX200 and...have some questions

Started Nov 24, 2012 | Questions thread
nx200USER1 Senior Member • Posts: 1,097
Re: I finally got a NX200 and...have some questions

we need a techie Samsung guru to hack the firmware. And come up with a gui that can mod different aspects of the various and most popular cameras on this forum I read and researched a while ago about someone that became very popular with another major brand camera community after releasing an app that let you change various aspects of the firmware and was continually updating it.

Heck we lost access to the developer menu settings since the last firmware update. Nothing on the net has cropped up describing someones ah-ha eureka moment to bring it back to the masses. I'm still keeping my fw1.02...did I just say that out loud? There, I said it. Spank me!

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