D600 dust accumulation time-lapse

Started Nov 21, 2012 | Discussions thread
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Re: It improves

The problem seems obvious enough, Nikon was putting too much oil on a moving part that activates when the shutter goes. This movement is causing that access oil to fling onto the mirror. I am guessing some cameras have more oil than others, but eventually, this issue will stop on its own, and after a wet clean, it should be irrelevant.

Nikon won't do anything about this, they won't recall bodies, they won't send out faulty notifications. It's something as simple as access oil, they're just going to let people deal with it, and eventually it will fix it self.

Personally I'd rather have an issue that I know will fix itself out soon enough then a completely dysfunctional focusing area like on the three D800's that I went through, and eventually gave up on.

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