TG-1 Horrible picture quality

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Re: TG-1 Horrible picture quality

I think your TG-1 camera copy is about average. The camera produces good images, but loses some occasional details. If that is unacceptable, may want to consider a better lens.  Meaning, for what this camera was designed to do (shoot in water, against sand, dropped...) and with the lens that is not superb hand-ground glass and a small sensor... well, the quality is as expected.

For instance, two shots from me below - one at beach, the other in a boat at sunrise while fishing. TO ME, these shots are acceptable. Sure, an X100 might have done better :), but that's not the purpose of the camera.

For shots at a sports game, I doubt I would take the TG-1. Really not the intent of the camera, so you will notice defects in the shot more... With a beach shot, I'm happy to take anything (and not bad, at that either...)

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