Post your pics of colour an BOKEH.

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Re: Post your pics of colour an BOKEH.

joseluisherranz wrote:

I love the color as well as the bokeh in your pic and the bokeh does look like a painting. Kind of like a watercolour. Mine was done on a mildly overcast day with the 5D and the 50L lens shot wide open. Very creamy due to the effect of shootinging the direction of the street I was on. Im sure with the distance behind the subject I would have gotten nice bokeh with smaller apertures but it would not have quite the same look.

Isolating subjects from the background is not easy.

But you can achive it with distance to the background, lighting and colour.

This pic was shot with not a very wide aperture with a tele (oops sinned again) but I think the difussion of the background and the bokeh are nice.

Also the colors I think.

Will apreciate opinions, only if you post your own samples.

It is easy to critique others without exposing your own pics for reciprocity. Fair treat.

No more seriously, will like to see nice portraits with good, creamy and colourful bokeh just for the pleasure of contemplation.

The background here reminds me of the paintings of Sorolla, a Spanish painter.

Side note: I posted this on the m43 forum to demonstrate that good background isolation can be achieved even with small sensors and apertures of 5.6.

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