OMD-EM-5 vs Pentax K-5, I'm at the crossroads...

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Re: Look carefully before you leap my friend

Are you sure you were talking about Pentax? I think some of those points apply even more to Olympus, especially the part about the company being around in 5 years times, not to mention 3rd party lens support and no big telephoto primes for the system. Not to mention only 1 weather sealed lens?

AllBrands wrote:

As the owner of both a K-5 & K-7, I think you can't go wrong with Pentax...

...unless you want a full-frame upgrade path.

...unless you want USA warranty support direct from the manufacturer and not from a third-party repair shop in Arizona.

...unless you want to ensure that your camera/lenses/flash will all have the maximum possible resale value down the road.

...unless you want the broadest coverage in third-party lens support (Tamron, Sigma, Tokina, Zeiss, etc).

...unless you want the very best stabilization system for telefocal-length lenses (Optical Image Stabilization instead of In-Body)

...unless you want modern, ring-type ultrasonic motors in your premium lenses instead of conventional micro-motors.

...unless you want to be able to eventually sell your used 'Suddenly Doesn't Move" SDM lenses without buyer suspicion that they're older models which could be unreliable and/or repaired.

...unless you want it to be likely that you'll be able to share lenses and flashes with friends.

...unless you want to be able to properly calibrate the electronic level function in your camera.

...unless you need the ability to articulate the rear LCD for composing odd-angle shots.

...unless you need a weather-sealed flash to match your camera & lens.

...unless you want to be 100% sure your camera manufacturer will still be around after five or more years.

Granted, some of these issues apply to Olympus and the OMD-5 too but they're worth thinking over in advance.

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