D2hs / D7000 question

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Re: D2hs / D7000 question

You are not alone! I also have both the D2Hs and the D7000!. My D2Hs was my first DSLR - bought used several years ago. I bought the D7000 about a year and a half ago. I am definitely not a professional, so my opinions should be taken as such.

To be honest, the main reasons I bought the D7000 was to allow me to crop pictures and maintain image quality, and to be able to shoot in low light. For me, the D7000 satisfies these needs very well. While I have successfully pushed my D2Hs to ISO 1600, I have gone far beyond that when necessary (e.g., softball games under so-called lights).

And when shooting sports, I don't always frame the picture perfectly, so the ability to crop really helps.With that said, I don't print anything larger than 8x10, and usually stick with 5x7, so cropping with the D2Hs has been fine.

I do believe that the D2Hs is superior in terms of fast focus, and I had come to rely on the high fps. I also miss the ability to hold the camera in portrait mode and have the shutter button sitting there.

To be honest, I expected that I would continue to use the D2Hs more than the D7000, but since I got it, I would say that the D7000 has seen much more action. Not sure why; it's just the one I take out. It's probably the worry that I will have a lighting-challenged situation and I can take the D7000 further up the ISO ladder.

I'll probably keep the D2Hs for some time, and maybe I'll start using it more - it really is a wonderful camera!

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