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Re: a99 EVF Change Request

DavieK wrote:

Boni - please do this for me. Change your DRIVE mode from single shot to 3fps LO speed. Now shoot some single pictures using this mode - it is easy, the 3fps is slow enough for taking single frames.

Tell me if you get the same SLOW shutter action - on my A99, it ranges from 340 milliseconds at short shutter speeds (1/200th or faster) to longer according to the shutter speed - that is 1/3rd of a second. Also the finder blacks out for about 1/10th to 1/8th of second. That is in single frame shooting mode.

Setting it to Lo Drive mode changes this completely. The delay no longer happens. There is no blackout.

I am testing this now and I believe the A99 has a programming error in its operating firmware.

If others can please test this and let me know, I have all the figures ready to send to Sony and get this issue fixed.



I got short blackout with both single frame and lo drive mode but no blackout in Hi drive mode. Shot at 1/400 and 2.8.

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