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asterox101 wrote:

i felt similarly.

i'm strictly amateur hour with video but the IS in the a99 does seem to create strange, periodic warps and shimmers that are subtle but distracting. i'm sure IS isn't foolproof in any system but i don't encounter that with lens stabilization in the canon 24-105.

the shimmers i think you are seeing, is from the pre-cropped video frame being moved around to cancel out the camera shake in the final cropped frame, but because it's after the optics and sensor have recorded it, it can't eliminate the motion blur associated with the camera shake in those frames of footage, so you end up with these little trails and blurs where the camera shake would have been. if you've ever tried to stabilist unstabilised footage in post, you'll see the same thing. hope that makes sense. with the in lens stabilisation of the canon, the shake is taken away at the optics so you don't have that problem. similarly any lens shift or sensor shift IS system wouldn't have this problem.

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