D2hs / D7000 question

Started Nov 27, 2012 | Discussions thread
Wojciech Sawicki
Wojciech Sawicki Contributing Member • Posts: 622
Exactly what I did

Ha, that's exactly what I did, too...

I've had a D2h for a very long time (coming from F4, DCS410, D1, D1h) as it was the perfect camera for, well, everything. I've been shooting weddings with it as late as 2010, and keep using it as the second body to this day.

I bought a D7000 for video work, but I ended up using it for most of my shooting. The dynamic range is amazing.

I can attest, however, that a vertical grip is a must. Even with that thing on though, the grip area feels narrow and nowhere near as sure and comfortable as the D2. You get used to it pretty quickly, though and in the end, with an MB-D11 on, they feel similar enough.

The shallow buffer is a far more annoying problem if you shoot a lot of raw fast.

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