SEL 1018 with Sony NEX 7 - link to samples

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Re: SEL 1018 with Sony NEX 7 - link to samples

Phil wrote:

Thanks for the samples. I have seen quite a few samples from this lens so far, what I would love to see, that I havn't seen yet, is 100% view with lens at f8 and good detail in the corners.

I'd love to show those corners, but I will need to get my own sample out of the store. Nevertheless, in a few posted samples there are 100% crops (in the circle) of the top left corner. Looking at the original files on my screen (with a bit of tolerance for possible user faults) result is very promising.

Due to the mix of different light sources and unfortunate composition, I can't yet comment on vignetting, but from 5.6 it doesn't seem to be a problem.

At f8, and at any focal length, on tested sample, corners does not show smearing, which is what I was afraid the most. Distortion also seems to be well under control (for such a lens) and CA (mainly LoCA) is visible at wider apertures, but I have seen much worse.

Also, as far as I can see in those images, there is no color cast in the corners on NEX 7, which is also promising.

The lens is still of short availability here, so I will try tomorrow somehow to wrest one from Sony representative.


Here are top left and top right corner (exposure heavily lifted, so don't look at the grain or banding). It is on 10mm at f8. (Uncorrected for CA or distortion) 

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