Forum Etiquette - a Discussion (No gear mentioned)

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Re: Forum Etiquette - a Discussion (No gear mentioned)

Andy Hewitt wrote:

It does take two to tango, and all that, and indeed I find myself joining is fewer conversation these days, as I no longer have the appetite for fuelling some of the fires.

All the best.

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Andy Hewitt

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It does take two to tango, I find it natural to want to engage when someone is being aggressive, but if we don't get up to dance, there's no tango.

Like many here, I've been using the internet to chat with people for a long time, I have noticed that "handles" (lots of us use them) can make people feel anonymous which gives more latitude for saying things they may not say otherwise. FWIW, my name in John Nicklin. I know that lots of people here either use their name or make it known. It does help a little.

This is a good thread, much needed. Thanks to the originator.

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