My E-3 and 12-60 got me published!

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Re: My E-3 and 12-60 got me published!

Wallybipster wrote:

Well, sort-of. I take what I can get. But being on the cover of the yearly manual for all the biological samplers in our program is pretty cool. I don't have access to a very high resolution copy right now, but this will do the job.

2013 NPGOP manual cover.

This was a crop of a snapshot I took several years back, with the help of a graduated orange filter. Here's a higher res file of the original:

It's weird looking back at old work like this from when I was much less aware of what I was doing. I wish I had been shooting RAW back then so I could've done better developing, but all in all I'm still happy with it.


Congrats on that Wally, but do you've noticed the way they liked your shot? Pointing it out this way bring all the attention to the subject and how they needed it, that's real DTP work and I like it. Good shot.


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