sx50 - IS at 30x to 50x zoom

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Re: sx50 - IS at 30x to 50x zoom

At first glance it looks like an out of focus image. However, on closely examining the photo at full magnification, to me it does in fact look like camera movement rather than any focus issue. Everthing is doubled above/below (as distinct from side to side) by a distance that I would guess is about 12 or 15 pixels. The telltale doubling is especailly visible in the horizontal (but almost invisible in the vertical) bars of the pylon and electric wires. Therefore I would suspect that the camera received a single downward (and not sideways) jolt during the exposure. It is quite surprising that this would happen at 1/1250 sec shutter speed!

Were you by any chance shooting in HDR mode which takes three shots in rapid succession and then combines them in a single image ? (use of tripod is recommended for HDR shots unless shooting close to the wide end of the zoom).

Just my tuppence worth.

I hope you can get it worked out.

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