Is it me or are we just nitpicking (Pixel Peeping) Raw conversion

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Re: Is it me or are we just nitpicking (Pixel Peeping) Raw conversion

Nice thread so far.  I have to say that I agree with everyone's sentiments.  I love the cameras and lenses and the Jpegs and really have not had a major problem with the Raw files which is mainly because my subject matter does not bring out the "painting effect."

But I do believe now, finally, that I paid a nice sum of money like the rest of you. I spend a great deal of time with students who use all different brands.  2 or 3 grand for a camera and lenses is a nice chunk of change.  They have no problem making large prints with their Nikon's and Canon's.

I would expect that by now software companies would have figured out how to process these raw Fuji images  without one spec of problems.  I also believe that the misbehaving child here is Fuji.  I say that because there are so many raw software companies who are not addressing this new sensor completely or at all.  So on the one hand we have Fuji with information that the software guys probably need.  So the software guys are not going to put a great deal of effort in until Fuji puts all their cards on the table.

The problem that was mentioned in this thread is that there are photographers who want to make 16 x 20 or larger prints from time to time.  Maybe they are sending them out to be done but the fact is the file is the file and it does not matter who prints the large print.

That being said, I love the system.  Love it.  I have played with Silkypix Full version and it does a reasonable job.  I have not played enough to say it will give me the large print results I expect from an expensive system.

So everyone is right.  It depends upon your needs.  Are people nitpicking.  Sure.  But there are also some very serious photographers and pros on the forum and they are expecting the results they have gotten used to with expensive cameras and glass from other manufacturers.  And yes with today's cameras it is always about the glass as well.

To all who celebrate, Happy Holidays.

To all who do not celebrate, Happy Holidays.


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