What do the camera companies need to do to reverse fortunes?

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Easy, embrace the Mobile Computing paradigm.

Is not really about the Cell Phones, because those devices market share are shrinking as dedicated devices, just like dedicated mp3 players, p&s cameras, etc.

Case in point, Nokia or Blackberry. They are Big Cell Phones makers but they were caught by surprise by the Mobile Computing revolution spear headed by Apple with its iOS and later Google's Android.

The iPhone is not really a Phone like Apple make you to perceive it, it is rather a Mobile Computer with a phone.

What camera manufacturers need to do is to get into the mobile computing bandwagon, partner with mobile computing partners or minimize the P&S market presence and concentrate on dedicated high end cameras.

Another way to look at this is from the Device Convergence paradigm and portability factor.

Despite all that, dedicated devices are more responsive and less prone to crashes, bugs and slow downs.

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