NX1000 - Lens choice

Started Nov 21, 2012 | Discussions thread
Ariston Senior Member • Posts: 2,401
Re: NX1000 - Lens choice

shademaster wrote:

Ariston wrote:

you won't miss the 50mm focal length

Disagree. If you shoot head-and-shoulder shots of people, you want 50mm all the time. I just wish my 20-50 was a bit sharper at 50. It's almost better to just use my 30 and crop.

huh? I'm confused with your purpose of head and shoulder shot considering that you mentioned cropping with the 30mm. the cropping potential of the 30mm is exactly my point on why I said that he won't miss the 50mm of the 20-50.

as far as head and shoulder shots is concerned, the 85mm is a favorite of mine.

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