Nikon 70-200 f/2.8 VR 1 vs. f/4G

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Re: Nikon 70-200 f/2.8 VR 1 vs. f/4G

slimandy wrote:

Marcin 3M wrote:

It depends on the subjects You work with.

I own AF-S 80-200, which is comparable to the 70-200 in many aspects.

The most significant difference is VR, and in this range in particular I really want VR.

It's obvious. VR is important in this kind of lens. I've mentioned my 80-200 to share my experiences with heavy 2.8 lenses.

Each time I'm considering taking this lens with me, I'm expecting long focal length to be usefull. And then I'm also thinking about taking my af-s 300/4. And both lenses are in most situations too heavy to be carried together.

I'm thinking of gettinf 70-200/4 vr, because this lens together with 300/4 is not much heavier than 70-200/2,8 alone.

That's odd because my 300mm f4 AFS is a little bit longer and almost as heavy as my 70~200mm VRII.

You are right! to my surprise, I was sury that 300/4 is lighter...

Anyway, 70-200/4 is about 1/2 weight of it's heavier brother.

Together with 1,4 tc this pair will give me the range up to 420mm with excellent quality. That's all I need...

Bokeh-vise I don't expect too big difference between these two, as above 70mm dof is shallow even at 5,6.

Bokeh is not just dependant on shallow DoF. We'll see if the new f4 lens is on a par with the f2.8 VRII, but I doubt it.

IMO, as fl is getting longer, the smaller are differencies between bokeh. It's easy to get totally washed-out background at 80mm, even with f4.

f4 also has 9-bladed aperture, so it may be "bokehwise" close to the 2.8 lens.

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