Dust on D800 sensor

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Not All Canned Air the same - And Instructional videos

There is canned air available that does not have the problem of emitting liquid that can damage the sensor.  I was clued into it when I was watching some videos on how to perform a sensor cleaning.

These guys take a rather humorous approach in showing one how to clean a sensor - it's fun to watch even if you don't like their methods.  They show how to clean a sensor with both the dry method and wet method.  While showing the dry method they use a ball blower, but alternately they used a can of canned air which they indicated could be used upside down (MOST canned air cannot be used in any direction without emitting some sort of liquid which could damage a sensor), however, they didn't bother to mention the brand or where to get it.


After doing some research I found the following product which is a high precision canned duster which can be used in any direction:


which can be purchased here: http://www.all-spec.com/products/ES1620.html  I also saw it on Amazon.

I would still be nervous using canned air on the sensor because if you get to close to the sensor the pressure from the canned are could still cause damage.  Of course some people have brought up a good point that the Ball Blower has it own set of problems where it is just blowing the surrounding air at the sensor which could just be blowing more dust and junk on the sensor.

For a MUCH more conventional and Fairly detailed example of how to clean a sensor using the Dry Method, I found this video from Lensrentals.com where he does a very thorough cleaning of a sensor


Hopefully this is helpful

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