Pentax Adapter Q for K-mount Lenses in stock.

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Re: Pentax Adapter Q for K-mount Lenses in stock.

Hi Geoff,

FYI, the Pentax K to Q adapter will take either the DA* 300 or DA* 60-250 tripod foot (they're slightly different heights apparently, though interchangeable as far as how they attach to the tripod collar on these lenses). Nobody at Pentax seems to know how to get the foot alone yet. There is no rotating collar on the K to Q adapter, so you'd have to rotate the head clamp to go from landscape to portrait, or use an L bracket. I don't know this for a fact, but I'll be surprised if the Pentax foot is less than $50.

It's been reported that the Pentax K to Q adapter is 65mm OD, so the Canon 70-200 f4 L Chinese knock off tripod collars should fit the adapters, but might need a little spacing (they are advertised to be 66mm ID). At $7-$20 usually, these will probably be a better bet -- but examine the descriptions. Some are plastic, and some are all metal -- the metal ones are more expensive, but probably more durable. All of these, for me at least, would be preferable to the Pentax foot because they can be rotated -- also the tripod collars can possibly be used on the lenses themselves instead of just on the adapter. This could allow you better balance on the tripod head and less stress on the adapter lens mount.


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