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Big Ga wrote:

SHood wrote:

Well, the issues I personally saw with a preproduction GH3 EVF have never existed with my GH2 or my previouse GH1. Lets hope it is a QC issue.

I doubt this is the case. Its far more likely that all the GH3 cameras will be the same and its simply a function of the optical design which as with most other things, has to take into account a number of parameters and therefore compromises.

Bottom line - its going to bother some people, and not others. Some are even going to be oblivious to its existence - even when it really is there!

That's my guess too.  I think some people are just more sensitive to it than others.  I think part of it is that with cameras like the GH2, the EVF starts to black out if you move too far off center, whereas the GH3 doesn't seem to do that, but instead shows a distorted view of the screen.

As a glasses wearer I've always been conscious of the fact that I have to pretty pretty close to centered with the GH2 EVF to get a clear view.

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