Some guide for legacy flash?

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Re: Self-auto legacy flash

fotowbert wrote:

The common self-auto legacy flash unit (Vivitar 283 for example) used a thyristor circuit to control light output measured by a forward facing light sensor on the flash unit itself, not TTL. Several choices of auto apertures were usually available and selected with a switch which slides a ND filter over the sensor. Selecting larger aperture increased the distance one could expect correct flash exposure.

Usage required setting an auto aperture on the flash based upon the aperture/ISO/distance calculator on the flash and then setting your camera's aperture to that value. You also needed the shutter to be in the synch speed range of course.

Based upon what I see at this link you should be able to use its "f no. set" mode to have self-auto operation as I have described above. They show a link to the manual as well.

  • John

Thank you for you service, sir! I tried that before and it kind of works! At least the pictures are not all white ^^

I"ll play around a bit and maybe I share some shots I got with it

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