Hats off to Fujiflim UK on repairing my X100

Started Jun 8, 2012 | Discussions thread
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Hats off to Fujiflim UK on repairing my X100

jsam wrote:

And then a couple of weeks back it wouldn't power on. Again, Fuji turned it around quickly, about a week. But now I have a nagging feeling - first SAB then the main board? It feels like a solid reliable camera. But now I'm questioning that... I guess if I go a year without another issue I'll feel better.

A Friday afternoon camera perhaps ... do they have those in Japan?

The main board could possibly be as a consequence of the first repair. The X100 is quite complex internally, requiring much disassembly, so something might not have been replaced correctly.

From my personal experience the X100 is rugged and tough. If it does fail again perhaps a request for a replacement rather than repair may be in order - here's hoping it's not needed though!

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