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Re: third party ink for epson 3880

Here is one bad experience....not from the mentioned suppliers.  In my generic refillable cartridge set from chinese suppliers the LLK cartridge showed signs of leakage.  When my OEM LLK went empty I pulled out this one, wiped it off, and inspected it carefully.  I could find nothing wrong.  Given that there are 4 ports, and the cartridge was probably subjected to de-pressurization in an airplane, I assumed the leakage came fom one of the ports and would be OK when plugged into the printer.

WRONG!!!!!!......I realized as this black puddle apopeared dripping from the door and spreading under the printer.  And the whole thing locked up in ERROR mode...telling me to take it to a service station immediately.

Here is what I learned from the experience:

1) signs of leakage in a cartridge are NOT to be ignored.  If there is a crack in the cartridge or other leak at ANY time....then it is likely to GUSH when the carteridge is pressurized in prep for printing.

2) If the cartridge door opening button is disabled by the ERROR status...or any other reason, just pull on the left lower corner of the door and POP! it open.....with the advice and blessings of the Epson service people.

3) An ink leak is NOT an un-self-recoverable emergency.  Once I got the ink door open I popped in the old, empty LLK to keep the line covered, ordered a new (OEM....just to be safe) LLK.  When it arrived I pulled out the original OEM empty, cleaned up all the ink puddles and stains I could find, popped a new cartridge in and turned the machine on.  VOILA' fired up and showed ready to print.

4) there may be some residual puddles of ink that can't be seen but will appear for awhile on the left side of full width (17") paper.  That is, just because the printer prints smaller width, say....11"...cleanly does not mean all the leakage is gone or dry.  It leaked on the FAR LEFT SIDE, after all, and when you confidently commit a 17" x 60" piece of paper to print a banner...that may be the first paper to actually travel the leak one should not be blistering mad when stains appear......for awhile.  After all, dummy, YOU ignored all the warning signs.

5) the replacement NIB 3880 one might have bought in the midst of the uncertainty of the crisis....might not be needed....but might or might not be retained...or resold.  The jury is still out on that one.

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