Pro Photographer always only had DSLRs looking for a sidekick camera (enthusiast compact)

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Re: Pro Photographer always only had DSLRs looking for a sidekick camera (enthusiast compact)

Kodachrome200 wrote:

I am a Professional Portrait Photographer. I make a very comfortable living running a portrait business. I also occasionaly shoot corporate and editorial gigs. Some of my clients include The Sun Times, ExxonMobil, The Anchorage Daily News.

Good for you.

As far as dof is something that only wannabees want I dont know what you are talking about.

I never said that; I said shallow DOF is something only wannabes ´╗┐obsess over´╗┐. There's a very good article over at TOP discussing the concept, here:

Small cameras with small lenses are limited at DOF. The main reason you see cameras like X100 gain so much favor with experienced photographers is they know that control of DOF is so valueable in a small sized camera it is worth giving up ever shooting at a different focal length. It is also the Main reason FF sensors are valueable. APS-c IQ is good enough to get it done. Yet pros generally insist on FF and we miss our hasselblads from way back when every now and then.

Wrong. If you actually speak with X100 owners, you'd see their reasons for picking the camera come in all shapes and sizes: a large sensor's DOF, a large sensor's low noise, a large sensor's color gradations, the innovative viewfinder, the retro-inspired controls, the Leica-ish form factor... in fact, I'd say the latter two are by far the most common, rather than DOF or anything of the sort.

I honestly dont know what your talking about DOF is one of the 5 Primary in camera creative controls in photography. And perhaps the most primary. If you think a camera that for gos almost all control over DOF isnt a MAJOR compromise then you dont know what you are talking about.

"Most primary"? anyways, you're seriously fetishizing DOF far too much. Which wouldn't be such a problem, if you weren't hell-bent on pretending the rest of the photography world shares your particular world-view; it doesn't.

I know enough about lenes and senors to know that I am not going to get the control i had with my dslr in these compact zooms. But I am very interested to know witch one would be the smallest compromise

Again, an m4/3 camera with the 20/1.7 and 45/1.8. The recent Oly 35/1.8 is allegedly superior, optically, to the Panasonic 20/1.7, but it's also somewhat larger; same reason I'd discard equivalent primes for the other mirrorless cameras. Well, the NX 30/2 is also quite small and with a NX1000 would also make for a pretty good kit for your stated needs, but the 85/1.4 is a beast and the 55mm is yet some time away, so the Olympus 45/1.8 is still the safer bet.

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