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Re: My condolences. ;-)

Jim Cockfield wrote:

My condolences.

You do realize that you could have bought a system without the 256GB SSD or GTX 660, that would be equipped with 8GB (2x4GB leaving two slots free) for around $700 on sale, right? Then installed something like a 256GB Crucial mSATA SSD in the spare mSATA slot for around $207, and bought a GTX 660 video card for around $229 right?

IOW, buying a base system and adding to it yourself would have save you a *lot* of money. You could bring a system with 8GB (2x4GB of 1600Mhz DDR3) up to 16GB (4x4GB of 1600mhz DDR3) for $39.99 from Crucial (what they charge for 2x4GB of 1600Mhz DDR3 for that Dell system); or add a 256GB Crucial mSATA SSD to the mSATA slot for $206.99. Then, add an Nvidia GTX 660 for around $229 from You could have added a blu-ray burner for around $89.

IOW, you could have an equivalent system for around $1200 starting with a base system and adding to it yourself.

I'm not sure where you're getting your figures from, but I was just looking at the Dell site and yes, there is a base XPS 8500 system available for $700, but that only comes with an i5-3350 Intel processor and 1TB hard drive.  If you want to spec out the exact same components that the OP configured for his system, then you need to select the i7-3770 processor for an additional $125 plus an additional $75 for the 2TB drive upgrade.  That puts the base price at $900.  When you add the RAM upgrade from 8GB to 16GB that you are suggesting for an additional $40, plus the $207 for the Crucial mSATA SSD upgrade, plus the $229 for the Nvidia GTX 660 video card upgrade, and the $89 Blu-ray burner, well that then comes out to a total of $1465, which is only a $35 savings from what the OP paid Dell, and not the "hundreds of dollars" you are implying.

Sure, there's some benefit by not having to mess with installing the extras yourself. But, when you can save hundreds of dollars by plugging in a few parts, personally, I'd go that way instead of paying the *very high* price that Dell wants for those extras, even when the system including those parts is on sale (as you could buy a "base" system on sale for a lot less, then add to it yourself).

Again, the savings is a lot less than what you are suggesting for equivalent system components, and I don't know about you, but for the extra time, effort, and hassle to have to order all these extra parts from different vendors, wait for these different parts to arrive, put them all together, reinstall the OS, download and install drivers and such, test everything and hope that everything works well together at the end of it all, I would gladly pay Dell the extra $35 for the peace of mind that if something isn't quite working right, I can just call them up and have them take care of it... but that's just me.

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