*** 5D3 Black Friday deal $2500 ***

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Re: *** 5D3 Black Friday deal $2500 ***

Thanks for posting this btw.. You've pretty much convinced me to ignore the authorized dealer requirement .. While I'm not going to get the 2500 deal it opens up the prices into a much more reasonable range (for me) for the 5D3

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Just an update on delivery. The eBay item says delivery by 11/29 (Thursday) but today is already Tuesday. I sent a question to them regarding the delivery and just got response with this message "Thank you for your email. Your order is approved for shipping. We have a flood of orders for this item and we are shipping then as efficiently and quickly as possible. The item will be shipping later this week."

I hope it can be delivered by Friday (to my workplace) so I can test it in weekend.

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Yup, I got the same exact canned response!! Not holding my breath waiting for my order....

Yeah right!!!

I called the BigValueInc earlier also for delivery and got similar answer from the operator. I pushed her for the price that how they could get such unbelievable price, and whether Canon secretly provided them copies and want them to dump to market for luring customers as a market strategy? She said no but they can sell on such price with the help from eBay. Hum? I don’t believe that. However she assured me it’s US version and covered by Canon USA warranty.

I also called Canon CPS second time regarding another question but using this chance to talk on this dealer. The gentlemen told me he personally heard this dealer who seems has good reputation these days. He cannot answer the question how they get these copies and can sell such low price. But he assured me another time that as long as it’s US version and I have a receipt to prove my copy bought in one year including from eBay, they absolutely will honor the warranty. He confirmed me that there is no requirement for warranty coverage to buy from Canon Authorized Dealers or I would need to send the registration card in case I need a free service that covered by warranty within one year from purchase date.

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