Pentax k-01 for video

Started Nov 26, 2012 | Discussions thread
Eli Allan Forum Member • Posts: 96
Re: Pentax k-01 for video

I have used the K01 for paid video work, it held up ok.  I'll share the ad in a few days when its published.

The sensor does not overheat, ever.

The quality is good, but not quite up to the gh2.

If you want critical focus you'll need a loupe.

Mic port is good for monitoring and editing, but you'll want a separate field recorder.

I've had frequent white balance issues, but this might've been me screwing up.

All in all its the best Pentax for video and worlds ahead of dslr cinema from a few years ago, but its not the best camera on the market.  If you can live with its flaws(lack of hdmi,low bitrate, rolling shutter, etc) it can produce at a high level.

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