What's up with some of the DPreview staff's Attitude?

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Victor Engel wrote:

and all that jazz wrote:

bobn2 wrote:

and all that jazz wrote:

I`m only a new member to this site, and have found Mr bobn2 to be very rude and condesending when repling to questions posted.

I can't remember who you are or what I've done to you, but generally the ones who find me rude are the ones who have been rude to me and got it turned back on them.

bobn2 is very good at manipulating what has actually been written, and I`d suggest you would be better off talking to a brick wall.

'very good at manipulating what has actually been written' means very good at exposing the flaws in what you wrote, such that you wish you'd written something else.

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There i reckon you've said it all. Brilliant answer.

So now you approve? Or are you being sarcastic?

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Victor Engel
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Okay Victor, bobn2 is probably the most unproductive/destructive person on this site. I say this as a new member to this site. I first encounted this when I posted a query in which I felt as if I'd been cut off at the knees, by Mr bobn2, you know I thought what a arrogant A$$. I started reading his comments / messages (past and present)   and that's what i interpret them to be MESSAGES (in many instances of where to get off) which I feel is un called for and very rude to say the least.

With 18,480 posts under his sleeve i would suggest that bobn2 thinks he has the right to be rude, arrogant and condescending all at the same time, and would like to express the notion of a yellow card or a red card system to DPREVIEW, where Mr bobn2 is the 1st recipient.


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