Best long lens for Olympus OMD-E5

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Re: Best long lens for Olympus OMD-E5

Bob Tullis wrote:

FileasFogg wrote:

I have the Olympus OMD-E5 camera body. Purchased it this past summer. One of the things I like to shoot in addition to architecture, casuals, and others, I also like to shoot birds. Not necessarily birds in flight but like ducks on the water or Cormorants on boat buoys near the family cabin. Previously I had a Digital Rebel which was okay at taking these types of pictures with the 75mm-300mm lens, but I thought I could find a lens for the Oly that would be a longer lens. If I want to shoot these birds, and backyard hummingbirds as well which lens do you think would work best for my camera? Or should I go back to the Digital Rebel and just find a longer lens for that guy?

This was a practice of pre-focus and wait, and hope it lingered in the pre-set FOV, with the Panasonic 100-300. I haven't hand much opportunity with wildlife since getting the OM-D, 'cept for this. And it's a crop at that, I didn't want the feeder in view. FWIW

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Amazing shot!!!

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