Will you buy the 70-200 f4 on the 29th or will wait for some reviews?

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Re: I will and already put in my order

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Back when I had my Canon gear I always considered the F4 glass laughable. Expensive slow optics with some savings in weight, but still not light by any means. Laughable, but people bought it in droves. I could understand the 70-200 F4 because the earlier 2.8 version wasn't all that sharp.

But why anyone wants long slow glass that costs a fortune is beyond me and most shooters I know.

I have the lens pre-ordered and waiting for it to show up. The reason I want this "long slow glass" is first it doesn't cost a fortune, it "only" cost $1400, which is about $900 less than my current Canon 70-200 F2.8 IS II, I shoot both brand and now the D800E is my landscape machine and I do lots of long hike with it, I am talking about hikes like Grand Canyon rim to rim, Yosemite Half Dome + Cloudsrest in one day, Mt. Whitney..... type of hike, the very next back country skiing/snowshoeing trip in high Sierra if coming in about a month, therefore, instead of bring my 85L, 135L, 200L or 70-200 F2.8L IS II to cover that range a "long slow glass" but LIGHTER lens is exactly what I want. By the way, as a landscape shooter and a hiker, I actually laugh at myself for bringing my 70-200 F2.8 IS II to stop down to F8 and F11 and shooting on tripod all the time because i was too cheap to buy the F4 version though.

If it's not a lens Robert (Shotcents) has decided on, it's not worth owning regardless of your personal preference/needs.

Hey, Joe, go troll somewhere else.

For strictly landscape shooting I can see the point of the F4 lens. But that's really the only application where it would make sense over the 70-200 VR1 ASSUMING the F4 is sharp in the corners.


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