D600 real flash sync speed?

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Re: A risky extrapolation, just for fun

I can tell you the following from attending a webinar today (Nov 27, 2012) that was specifically held by PW.

1.) D600 isn't supported yet. This is the answer you will receive from PW support, and its the answer that not only did I receive from emails i sent to support, its the answer I received when chatting with the moderator and hosts during the webinar.

2.) By saying it isn't support, they are specifically referencing that the control TL functions aren't supported. Which means support will then direct you to use "basic trigger" enable. I was given the following by both inquiries: http://wiki.pocketwizard.com/index.php?title=Misc_Tab#Basic_Trigger

3.) On my other cameras - i can go up to 1/8000 with tt1 and tt5.

4.) PW has done press releases about FIrmware updates, alas, these still have not happened. Additionally, on their compatibility page that discusses this firmware beta, the most recent addition was them adding D800. They haven't even added D600 as an unsupported or supported camera, not even in footnote or otherwise.


5.) I almost forgot to mention, in the webinar - PW said you must use 1/250fp NOT 1/320fp for synch.

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