Can fungus in legacy lenses be cleaned out easily?

Started Nov 27, 2012 | Questions thread
nelsonal Senior Member • Posts: 2,464
Re: Can fungus in legacy lenses be cleaned out easily?

It's pretty easy to clean out, but it's not something most folks want to attempt and some types of fungus will etch the coating or lens permanently (I haven't encountered this but I've only cleaned 3-4 fungusy lenses). Even the folks who clean them out don't always like taking this risk.

Also, it seems like if there's fungus the aperture blades are frequently oiled, as well.  Rebuilding the iris can be a fiddly job that always seems to require a little luck and 3 hands to get everything working again.

I'd suggest starting with an old cheap prime (preferably a triplet or something similar) to get a knack for lens disassembly and more importantly reassembly.  If you give it an attempt, I've found white vinegar seems to get fugus off faster and better than just lens cleaning fluid.

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