Too many "gear heads" and not enough photographers here.

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Re: Too many "gear heads" and not enough photographers here.

NeilJones wrote:

linda tavares wrote:

dnorth12 wrote:

Neil/Linda you are really Jim Carrey playing Andy Kaufman/Tony Clifton in Man on the Moon. You have done it well and such high praise you will not receive again Neil/Linda. You have got your accolade now go away, become a real person and return with topics about gear that people on this forum wish to discuss.

Just curious do you go to image forums and discuss gear?

I showed my husband your post and now he's calling me Neil LOL LOL LOL
Have a happy day!

Hey Linda,

I just showed my wife, guess what she's calling me now (no, not troll)

but "linda'!


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It's just photography, lighten up.

That is so, so funny.......LOL
You are the ONLY person in this forum with a sense of humor. The rest are a bunch of sourpusses and bullies, except eNo who really gave some good advice in the other thread.
Keep shooting, my friend.


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