Panasonic GH3 High ISO images

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Re: High ISo low light would be better

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First of all thanks for showing this. Looks really good (cannot produce that with my GH2 for sure!).

However, iI see 1/4000s shutter so it is not really low light. Could you do something similar but than at night or when the sun goes down etc.....Where 12800ISO means a 1/200 shutterspeed or so?

He sent the camera back ;-( he didn't like the evf ;-( no raw images ;-(

I haven't tried the GH3 myself yet, but what I read from the EVF really seems to be a deal breaker.

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I am basically interested to see what iq improvements they made, no interest, in fact zero interest in acquiring it! the smaller evf, the smaller sensor and the gain in weight dont entice me to buy it one bit. The GH2 is good enough for my video fix, I aint Spielberg! and GH2 is from what I can tell with the hack as good as the GH3 for movie/video, in fact it looks sharper with less aliasing-moire.

All of the reviews I've seen indicate that the GH3 improves upon the GH2 for video in terms of dynamic range, color, and low light performance, in addition to having 1080p 60.  Seems that early reports of moire issues were overstated, or perhaps fixed by a stronger AA filter.

The DR, high ISO, and color (jpg) improvements seem to carry over to stills as well.

You know you want one, and it's killing you. 

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