How to get rid of glare?

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Re: How to get rid of glare?

Barrie Davis wrote:

Too big.

Whatever lightsource you use, remember to do a Custom White Balance to it.

Big? As in the size of the box itself?

I don' really mind that. I have plenty of room to place it if need be.

Quantum Help wrote:

1. Use a pair of 500 watt tungsten photofloods (3200K), or a pair or 500 watt halogen bulbs, one on either side at a 45 to 60 degree angle off lens axis.These are much stronger and can be placed farther back from the subject

2. Do a Custom white balance on the camera to get good color.

3. Be careful when moving them about. I take it you are trying to do instructional videos, correct ? If so, watch your angle when moving it around. If you are just using the video to show a box or immobile object, don't hold them in your hand. Place them on a table with a white or neutral light gray background.

500 watt tungs, got it! I'm also learning to white balance so that should be fine.

However, the moving aspect may be an issue. I have to move the product a lot in the videos so keeping it stationary isn't an option. As I said, I really want more uniform light so I can do that.

If I move the 500 watt further back enough, will I still get decent light AND no glare? Even with my constant movement?

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