Focus issue with A99 (ready to scream!!!)

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Re: An analysis

aardvark7 wrote:

I bet that if you put a longer focal length lens on, set it manually to closest focus, then try to focus on an object about 10 - 12 feet away, you will get focus lock even though it will be focussed on a point only 3 feet away, leaving the image blurred.

Once you find the affected distance and remember to move the lens to closest point first it is a 99% certainty. It is for me with two bodies and three lenses, in any combination, so I know it is not a fluke of the light or a fault.

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Damn that sucks and very frustrating.

I know I get focus errors from time to time in bad lighting conditions, again note "flare/ glare/ strong back lighting" where it locks but out of focus.

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