Importing images, Lightroom or Bridge.?

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Re: Importing images, Lightroom or Bridge.?

Ho72 wrote:

Timzee wrote:
I can't imagine trying to work with the thousands of images I do without a system such as LR.

I can't imagine working on thousands of images with Lightroom, at least not if they were all from rescent sessions and I had deadlines to meet. See previous comments about Photo Mechanic.

Having said that, I do have my photos cataloged in LR, but my usage is recreational and not professional.

Fair enough. If that works for you, great.

For me, I can return from a shoot, import several hundred images into LR, do a quick cull, then sort & rate, do basic adjustments, rename all images, put up a www gallery for client to view in about an hour or less. All without ever touching Photoshop or ACR.

Of course everyone's workflow is different. Not saying this applies in your case, but most of the LR detractor's comments I read are coming from those not that well versed in the feature set available.

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