Opinions on 24LII Vs 24mm F2.8 IS

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OK OK jeeze

Dan_168 wrote:

I heard you loud and clear Schwany, the main point of this discussion is the OPTICAL quality at landscape stop down aperture, not price no weight, no size and not wide open performance, not with or without IS, while each of them plays a very important role for different individuals when making their purchasing decision but again this thread is mainly only about optical quality and so far I haven't been able to get whole a lot of feed back from people actually own or use both. sounds like the guy is down to one option, go rent both and play with them.

Same result as the last time a form of this question came up. Who owns both?

By the way, I wouldn't jump to the conclusion too quick saying the cheaper 2.8 version lens is optically inferior to the 1.4 version because it's cheaper, at least may or may not be for what the lens was purchased for by this particular individual, in fact, I found lots of fast lens perform great at wider aperture but "worse" than their slower counter part in edge performance when stop down, therefore I own quite a few "duplicate" FL lenses for different application. few example comes to my mind:

I didn't jump to any conclusions, I just asked you what you thought regarding pricing.

I think it would be nice to stick to the point of the thread, which is Optical quality between the two 24mm lenses you originally mentioned.

85L II Vs 85 1.8, I found no matter how much I stop down my 85L the edge performance is still pretty horrible when comparing to the cheap 85 1.8, therefore I don't use the 85L for landscap at all, in fact, I use the Zeiss 100 instead of a 85L.

Interesting, but the Zeiss is a different focal length.

I also own Sigma 50 1.4 and Zeiss 2.0 and previously Zeiss 50 1.4 before the Sigma, I found the Sigma perform great at 1.4, but when stop down to F8 or F11, the corners are still pretty bad, not even as good as the EF 50 F1.8 my friend gave me, therefore I don't normally use it for landscape but use my Zeiss 50 F2.0 instead, oh, the Zeiss 50 1.4 i had also not as great at F8 when compare to the Zeiss 50 F2.0 version.

So the costlier Zeiss 50f/2 was better than the 50f/1.4. Got it

35L Vs Zeiss 35 1.4 and Zeiss 35 2.0 ( I shoot both Canon and Nikon so some of those are ZF mount and I use them on both system) the 35L is pretty nice wide open at the center but there is no resolution to speak of at the edges, even when stop down it's still pretty far from either Zeiss at the edge and corners, therefore that is my in door or portrait lens only and my Zeiss 35 goes out to the mountain with me every time. I know I am going to get flamed by saying that but since 35L is a such popular lens here, hey when I have all he options, I do know which one to pick when I go out to shoot, I don't believe in one-fits-all gear.

OK, it's good to know what you are doing.

And back to my favorite TSE 24 II vs the 24L, even without the Tilt/Shift capability, the slower TSE lens is simply better optically at the stop down aperture, therefore as landscape shooter I went with the TSE, and the Zeiss 21, it' another one of those I found the slower version lens out perform the faster counterpart at stop down aperture. this may not be very good comparison because the TSE is a really specialized lens and actually priced higher though.

And once again, the pricier lenses win out. I hear you loud and clear, but I already knew that would generally be the case. Thanks for all the examples.

On a totally off topic note: I have a little tiny M42 mount Auto Takumar 35f/3.5 that is sharper than any 35mm lens I own, and it was free. Do I win?

This thread has been fun and it learned me a lesson. It is best not to say anything about the the much maligned Canon EF 24f/1.4L MkII, or get into any lens versus lens thread for that matter. I think I'll stick to what I know best, which is wine.

Happy Holidays

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