Quick way to disable steadyshot in 5n?

Started Nov 27, 2012 | Discussions thread
verybiglebowski Veteran Member • Posts: 3,882
Re: Quick way to disable steadyshot in 5n?

Russell Evans wrote:

tsk1979 wrote:

I think they should put in a tripod detect mode, or some fast mode where it gets disabled on exposures longer than 1 second.

Pentax resolves this by having the two second IR remote mode disable its IBIS. That makes the most sense to me for the Nex cameras as well. You're not likely going to use the two second IR handheld after all.

I do actually Not always of course, but when trying to capture static subject without tripod, I found 2s delay to result in a sharper picture, as I don't have to push the shutter button in the moment of exposure. But to add another mode - "2s OSS off", would be great.

Thank you

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