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Re: About to buy camera for wife

Nikeman123 wrote:

letsionizers just ask this. If you guys had $700 or so for a camera what would you buy? I like to surprise my wife but I don't want to get something and find out later I should have gotten something else. At the same time she will not tell me if she doesn't like it so there's the dilemma. I guess I could wrap the bestbuy credit card with a note but where's the fun in that?

I'm with you on the buying it is part of the fun.  I might suggest buying used if you can.  You can save a bundle.

I'd suggest you start with the Nikon d3200 kit (18-55vr).  New it is around 600.  It gives you more headway for cropping which might be an advantage given you do not have budet for a 2nd lens.

Just as good is the Nikon d5100.  This can be found used or refurbished for around 450.  This leaves you enough money for a 2nd lens.  Given your interest in portraits, I'd suggest the Nikon 50mm f1.8g for around 200.  The 35mm f1.8g (same price) is more flexible and I got more keepers with this lens, but it is a bit wide for a portrait lens.

Ultimately I think your wife will want 3-4 lenses based on your comments.

1: an every day lens. (maybe the 18-55, maybe the more flexible 18-105 (which is as good and quite cheap used)

2: a portrait lens 50mm 1.8g

3: a macro lens, the Tamron 60mm f/2 (note that this can also double as a slow focusing portrait lens) or the Sigma 150mm f2.8 (best in class macro)

4: a walk around low light lens, the 35mm f1.8g

In the end time and useage will tell you what to buy next not random thoughts from strangers.  but if you can swing one of those other lenses (which I think you can if you go used) then it will be cooler for her from the get-go.

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