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Re: About to buy camera for wife

Nikeman123 wrote:

I just watched a video on megapixels and from what I gathered they really only determine how big of a print you can make. We have never printed anything bigger than 8x10 to my knowledge. Will she be able to get clear close ups of flowers and bugs and other small things like that? I do not know the min focusing distance on either one of those 2. She likes stuff like that too. I also read that the faster the shutter the better. I am Ann xray tech so a lot of these things make since to me but I never thought to apply them to cameras. also, she always says she wishes she could get paid to take pictures so maybe with either of these she can take pictures of kids or something for money. We always pay someone to take our family pictures.

Smart to get multiple sources of info.  It is your money not ours.

The percieved sharpenss of the image has a small amount to do with the sensor's pixel count, particularly if there is a big difference.  If you want to compare how much you can crop ("zoom" in by selecting only part of the image) you take 1 dimension from both cameras and divide.  So thus 2mp going from 2 to 4 is huge. from 4 to 6 is large from 10-12 is minor and from 16.2 to 18 is trivial as at that level it only means 5% more zooming....  So if you took the photo from 100 feet you can make it seem as if you were 95 feet away instead (ignoring perspective to keep things simple).

DSLRs do not have a minum focus distance.  The lens does.  Closeups depends on how close you are looking for....  for casual closeups, the 18-55vr from Nikon allows decent closeups of up to 1/3rd life size.  The Canon 18-55is allows 1/4 lifesize.  A true macro lens is sharper than either of these and would allow 1:1 (or lifesize).  Since you are a tech, this is determined by theoretically measuring the object in the real world and then measuring the size of the projected image on the sensor.  So for simplicity's sake... a photo of a 2inch object taken with a 2 inch sensor would be called 1:1 if it completely filled the sensor.  If it was a 1inch object it should fill half that sensor. and so on... so a Canon 1:4 lens means that it fills 1/4 of the sensor while the Nikon fills 1/3rd.  Then once it is viewed on a screen it will seem much larger,

Macro above 1:1 (approx 2.5:1)  the center portion of a flower.  It looked nearly smooth to the naked eye.

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